Company overviews
CAMEL INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. is a leading producer and distributor of outer tire and inner tube for motorcycles and bicycles guaranteed by international standards to deliver quality riding experience to our customers.

At CAMEL INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. , you will find tires that offer unparalleled value and provide exceptional riding experience for all lifestyles through various options of highly engineered tire tread designs for all road conditions such as city driving, twisty road, rough surface and muddy condition.

Every CAMEL TIRE is manufactured with careful attention in every step starting from data collection, research and development, real-life test along with raw material selection. Each process is delicate and strictly controlled by the best standard for uncompromising consistency. Certified by the Thai Industrial Standard (TIS) and an international standard such as ISO-9001, riders around the globe can be confident that our products have safety and quality as the highest priorities.

At present, CAMEL TIRE not only exports to neighboring countries but also exports to other regions such as Europe, Africa and Americas.

More than 50 years that we have been a part to support safety on the roads in many countries, we promise that we will not stop improving and will continue a journey to the future to deliver the best experience for everyone.

Quality policy

We strive to manufacture tire and tube products using a high quality 
management system in accordance with ISO 9001 in order to increase 
customers’ satisfaction, as well as, to promote our employees to continuously participate in developments of the system.

Certification Standards