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For over fifty years, Camel Industries Co., Ltd. has been one of the leading bicycle and motorcycles tires manufacturers in Thailand. Throughout our years of experience, we know that whether you ride a motorcycle or bicycle for pleasure or your primary mode of transportation, safety is always at the top of your list of priorities. With all our experience designing and manufacturing tires for all types of weather and terrain, we have established an excellent safety record all over the world. Distributors around the globe trust the Camel name to provide the most comfortable and safest riding experience their customers could ever have on two wheels.

Focused on Our Customers
As one of the leading motorcycle and bicycle tires manufacturers in Thailand, we have established a new, high-quality management system, a strict quality policy, and have passed stringent ISO 9001 standards. All of these efforts are to improve the experience of our clients with our products. We understand that terrain and weather conditions vary all over the world. Some people ride off-road motorcycles for pleasure, and some people ride delivery bicycles through heavy city traffic for a living. All these weather, terrain, and reasons for riding have meant that as a full-service motorcycle and bike tires manufacturer, it is imperative that we offer the highest quality tires to meet the demands of all our customers.

Engineered Excellence
We are continually refining, improving, and updating our designs and manufacturing processes, seeking to create the ultimate in every type of tire we offer. From improved grip at high angles when cornering in motorcycle road tires, to increasing the traction in muddy conditions of off-road bicycle tires, we are always developing our products. We are always striving for engineered excellence. That elusive point where you create a product that performs its job so well that it takes on a life of its own and serves to justify all the work you've put into its development. All of this work is because, with our products, we know that human safety is at stake. We owe it to our customers to continually improve our products and make riding bicycles and motorcycles as safe as it can be.

High Performance Qualities
In the over fifty years of being one of the leading bicycle and motorcycle tires manufacturers in Thailand and the world, we've also learned that our continuous striving for perfection has made a difference with our customers. We have developed a reputation for providing extremely durable, high-performance, quality tires that continue to impress new converts as well as loyal customers in many countries around the world. From motorcycle tires in both inner-tube and tubeless varieties, to the myriad types of road and off-road bicycle tires we offer, to our range of both bicycle and motorcycle inner tubes, Camel Industries Co., Ltd, is a trusted and respected partner to both the motorcycle and bicycle world. With our focus on our customers and our attention to engineering and continual improvement, we provide the safest and highest performance ride on two wheels to riders all over the world.

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